Sassy Toys Ball Drop Wheel

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  • 6+ months

    Drop, Spin, Roll, Repeat! Spinning wheel ball drop floor toy with 4 holes, comes with 4 textured balls. Load balls in one-by-one, or multiple at a time to see how fast the wheel spins! As baby grows, you can color match the ball to the wheel well color. Keep loading the wheel, and the balls will spin back down, for endless fun!

    Additional Product Details

    • It’s a spinning wheel, a ball drop, and a floor toy all in one!

    • Comes with 4 textured balls, with 4 holes within the wheel

    • Load one, or multiple balls into the wheel wells, and see how fast it spins!

    • Balls drop down at the bottom of the wheel, once gravity spins the wheel.

    • Color match the ball to the wheel well as baby gets older

    • Helps baby learn cause & effect

    • Endless fun!

    • 2023 National Parenting Product Awards Winner!

    • 2023 Authenticated!

    • #80909

    • 10” L x 8” W x 4.5” H