Let's Move Box Set

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8+ months

The Let’s Move baby box set was developed to encourage fine & gross motor skills. Suction cup the rainbow reel to any smooth surface, and baby can bat at the wheel, a developmentally appropriate skill at this age. The spinning wheel reveals a rainbow of mesmerizing colors. The bird mini-shaker is the perfect size for baby to hand grasp and shake. The busy ball is squishy and easy to grasp to encourage reaching, grasping, and transferring from one hand to the other. Watch the beads go back and forth, and clack together, on the rails as you move the ball!

Additional Product Features

  • 3 piece set designed to develop baby’s fine & gross motor skills

  • Rainbow reel suction cup tray toy’s wheel spins to create mesmerizing colors. With soft squishy textured bumps & cascading beads, the wheel is easy to bat, a developmentally appropriate skill for baby.

  • Bird mini-shaker sized perfectly for baby’s grasping reflex & auditory development

  • Busy ball designed to be easy to grasp! The beads move along the rails and clack as you roll or move the ball. It is squishy and has many textures and moving parts for baby to explore.

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