Kids Storybook Torch

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Beautiful Story Night Light
Specially designed for children's multifunctional story projector, projector to see pictures to tell stories, follow the storybook description; hold the handle to lift the night light, easy to carry without falling; warm yellow light accompanied by the stars and moon have a full sense of security and romance sleep more at ease.

MIDEER story night light can not only lighting, but also projection, of course, as just a small story projection is not comparable to HD projection, so please pay attention to functionality and your needs when placing an order ~

Reasonable handle

Story Night Light's carrying handle design allows children to carry the light themselves, without worrying about bad control or holding it will fall down.

Zoom Lens

MIDEER story night light uses a zoom lens, which is clearer and larger than the old version. It gives children a better sense of use and the clarity of the picture helps to attract children's attention.

Low Consumption for Longer Pleasure

The design of the story night light makes it possible to consume less power, use it for a longer period of time, and get more fun ~ durable design.

Safer and More Durable

The Mideer story night light uses ABS material, which is characterized by high strength and good toughness, which is a safer and more durable material.

Classic Film Project

The coin-sized story reels are the pictures of the stories. Each round "coin" is a small story, and each story has eight pictures.

Beautiful Illustrated Story Manual

Storybooks with beautiful illustrations can more easily attract the attention of children, familiar with the story and with the night light, the atmosphere of peace and happiness around.

15 minutes timed automatic shut-off

With a story reel of 12 classic fairy tales and a wonderful story book, this projector story light can bring warm parent-child time. Tell stories with your child, exercise kid's language skills and logical thinking skills; wander in the ocean of imagination with toddlers, feel the beauty brought by fairy tales and think about the truth brought by stories.