In-the-Park Bingo Magnetic Travel Game

In-the-Park Bingo Magnetic Travel Game

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  • Bingo! A classic game with a magnetic twist for on-the-go fun! Spot a dog, a bike, or a ball, and mark it on your bingo sheet. Keep your eyes peeled as you enjoy a walk in the park.

    Perfect for ages 4+, 2 players, this set encourages little ones to go out into nature and enjoy a game of search and find, with the added fun of being the first to shout BINGO!
    Packaged in a convenient tin, the game is ideal for playing on the go. Includes two bingo boards and 50 magnetic markers.

    SEEK AND FIND FAMILY FUN – This outdoor bingo game makes an excellent gift for screen-free and mindful fun for young children.

    THOUGHTFULLY DESIGNED – Made using FSC paper and tin. Plastic-free packaging.