GigaPets® - StarCat + CompuKitty

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• 2 PETS IN 1 DEVICE- In this twist on the nostalgic virtual pet toy GigaPets CompuKitty from the 90s users have the option to play with the original ComuKitty or the magical new StarCat!

•2 LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY - StarCat is a laid-back feline and is perfect for beginners while CompuKitty loves attention and is great for players that are looking for a challenge.

• THE CLASSIC COMPUKITTY- This kitty is a blast from the past! If you select CompuKitty at the beginning of the game you will get to experience the exact software code from 1997 which includes all of the original animations and sound effects. 

• THE MAGIAL STARCAT- This magical cat is truly out of this world and full of personally which can be seen through its wide range of fun and funny animations! If you keep your StarCat happy and healthy they will answer questions about your questions about the future and read the stars! Once a day StarCat will look up to the stars and reveal a symbol. That symbol represents a fortune which you can learn more about from the booklet which is included inside the package.

• TONS OF ACTIVITIES- Feed your pet, play 4 different games, take them to the vet, teach them tricks, and more! The more you care for them the more they will grow! Do a great job and you might even unlock a secret evolution!