Eras Backpack™ Diaper Bag - BLACK

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Introducing the Eras Diaper Bag Backpack! This is your ultimate companion for all stages of parenthood & beyond. Crafted with gorgeous vegan leather and a sleek design, this bag lets you keep owning your unique personal style - we just add in the functionality every parent needs. With 15 total pockets, you’ll feel totally organized and confident through every era of parenthood. Newborn era? There’s plenty of room to organize everything for your inaugural Hot Mom Walk. Toddler era? A hands-free style lets you run around with your little with ease. Heading to the office? Your laptop has its own, personal pocket. Traveling with the fam? The trolley sleeve in the back makes this your airport bestie.

Designed with an active family in mind, the Eras Diaper Bag Backpack comes packed with convenient features including: a trolley sleeve for easy travel, stroller straps for on-the-go, and a changing pad for quick diaper changes. Whichever era you’re in - or is on deck - this bag will keep things practical and sophisticated. You keep doing you, and we’ve got the rest.