All the Things Mom Will Never Say

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A silly anthology of everything moms will never tell their children, for readers ages 4 to 8, perfect for mother's day gifting.

Don't go to bed so early! You have school tomorrow. Said no mother ever! Can you imagine your mom saying this or suggesting you don't need to use a tissue when you could use your sleeve instead. In this comical look at all the things a mom is never likely to say, kids and parents alike will laugh out loud at what might happen if mom stops being mom. While she'll never encourage you to stop reading or eating your vegetables, kids know they can always count on mom to always want a kiss and hug. So get ready for story time reading to get a little silly with these hilarious everyday sentences that are the exact opposite of what you would expect a mom to repeat. Noé carlain, illustrated by ronan badel

32 pp | 24 color images | hc