Travel Learn To Draw

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Encourage your young budding artists to branch out and create amazing pieces of art on the go! This travel art set by Galt is perfect for learning while traveling with the ease of set up and clean up. Galt creates toys that help young children learn many different subjects, not just art. Grab the dry erase marker and set the first slide under the drawing board. Trace until that portion is finished and move onto the next! It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Your budding artists will love learning how to draw cute animals and furry things on the go with ease of storage and clean up. Galt makes toys that will help your children gain fundamental skills in many subjects that helps them as they mature and grow. Galt turns playtime into learning time with their simple, yet effective toys. When Galt started as a company back in 1836, they began selling school books to local schools and branched off from there. Every Galt toy teaches kids something in the plethora of subjects.


  • Select an image to trace onto the drawing board
  • Learn to draw in 3 easy steps
  • Dry erase for easy clean up
  • The washable pen is easily removed
  • Encourages fine motor skills