I'll Walk with You

I'll Walk with You

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You love her song, now get her book!

I think this book is about kindness to strangers and to your family and to everyone who is different from you. (Ava, Age 6 Foreword Reviews 2020-04-24)

I like how everyone is having fun. The sad people get happy because someone wants to play with them. (Neve, Age 5 Foreword Reviews 2020-04-24)

I absolutely love the interaction between the text and artwork by Jane Sanders. (Pallas Gates McCorquodale Foreword Reviews 2020-04-24)

Author Carol Lynn Pearson

Beloved author of The Lesson and Will You Still Be My Daughter, Carol Lynn Pearson is known for her heartfelt and emotional poetry and stories. In this newest poem, children will be encouraged to show love for the people around them by walking beside them, listening and learning from them, and even talking and giggling with them too.

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