Green Dinos Infant Rag Romper

Green Dinos Infant Rag Romper

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Ahhh, the baby stage: Full of dozens of diaper and outfit changes on the daily. We're here to make life easier for you in that first year. This foot-less and mitten-less infant Rag is available in sizes up to 18-24. 

Your sweet infant will be cozy in our signature butter-soft, stretchy material. It features everyone's favorite innovative and convenient peek-a-booty™ back opening for quick diaper changes. Simply slip baby's legs out of the Rag for the easiest diaper change ever! Baby life is hard enough with dozens of diaper changes on the daily -- the infant Rag is here to make life a little easier for parents. 

Fabric:  48% Cotton 47% Modal 5% Elastane