Doodle Putty Kit with Bear Mold

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Time to get crafty! Use included mold to form your putty into a work of art! Pickup the colorful markers to actually draw on your putty! Make that little bear into a bear of your dreams. Don't fret if you want to start over, just mush it all together and the markings will disappear. You can mold and doodle again and again. It never dries out.

You can also free sculpt your putty into a sculpture of your choice. Once done, use the included markers to color and decorate your putty. Let the ink dry before touching your creation. If you want to start over, just stretch and squish the putty and then doodle again and again!

Crazy Aaron's Doodle Putty with Bear Mold comes with 30 grams of white putty, bear mold, and 3 markers. For ages 3+